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State of Honour

Gary Haynes

by Gary Haynes

One man, one mission; prevent the outbreak of the next Middle East war…

Live reports of an explosive attack in Pakistan are flooding the world’s newsrooms. The US Secretary of State is missing, and with tensions on the international diplomatic scene at boiling point, Special Agent Tom Dupree has only three days to track down her abductors.

Linda Carlyle will be beheaded in three days if her abductors' demands are not met. Except everyone knows that the US never negotiates with terrorists...

Saving Linda’s life equals saving the Middle East from a brutal and bloody war. The stakes have never been higher, and a web of conspiracy, deception and betrayal leave Tom with no-one to trust, but himself.

Political thrillers don’t come more turbo-charged than this! Prepare for twist after twist right up to the electrifying climax in this high-octane political thriller.

A complex, action-adventure packed with authentic detail and enough twists to keep thriller fans happy.


This is the first in a new series from the lawyer come novelist Gary Haynes. This debut features Tom Dupree, a special agent in the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Dupree is a man of honour, a loyal, likeable character but he also has his demons and is partly driven by a need for atonement. Like the Jack’s (Ryan and Bauer) Tom Dupree has the dogged determination to succeed amid the complexity and dangers of a volatile political world.  


The US Secretary of State is missing. She, Linda Carlyle, was abducted. Dupree is determined to protect her but he’s soon racing against the clock as he’s only three days to find and save her before she’s killed. The group that abducted her are threatening to behead her unless their demands are met. The implications for Dupree’s mission, should he fail, would be catastrophic as there’s more than just one life at stake. The prevention of another world war could be on the line in this action-led thriller.


The book concerns terrorist threats but this is not your standard terrorism thriller. The usual ingredients are replaced by more contemporary themes and a focus on Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia in a globe-trotting ride that also takes in Europe and has Dupree following a lead back to the States.   


The lines between good and bad are blurred with scheming and betrayal on all sides. For Dupree it’s hard to fight an enemy you can’t even identify but there are plenty of evil adversaries, including the tortuous Hasni.  


The writing reeks of authenticity. It’s clear that the author has a deep understanding of Pakistan and the Middle East (especially the complex political situation) and the military details ring true, as well as the fight scenes and weaponry.


Mixing politics and espionage with a race against time plot Haynes has produced a novel that fans of the TV shows ‘24’ and Homeland will enjoy.


About Gary Haynes:

Gary studied law at Warwick University and completed his postgraduate training at the College of Law. As a lawyer, he specializes in commercial dispute resolution. Outside of work, he comments upon Middle East politics and keeps fit at his local boxing gym.

Gary writes cinematic-style, fast-paced, action-packed political/military/spy thrillers. He will be writing a series of novels based on his main character, Tom Dupree, a special agent in the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security. STATE OF HONOUR, Tom Dupree #1 is an Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller.

His favourite quote is: 'You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.'

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