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I'll Be Watching You

Beverly Barton

Ella, sweet Ella, you were meant to be mine. You can’t begin to imagine all the things I want to do to you. When the time is right, I will come for you . . .

A series of hand-delivered letters leaves Ella scared for her life. Someone is watching her. Wanting her. Someone promising revenge.

Desperate for the nightmare to end, Ella will do anything to discover the truth. Even join forces with a man who comes with his own danger warning . . .

Reed Conway spent fifteen years in the Donaldson Correctional Facility for a crime he didn’t commit.


After beating up a man attempting to rape a young woman, Reed had been arrested after the man’s throat had later been slit with Reed’s penknife. Once in prison the teenage jock toughens up, and, feeling wronged, writes threatening letters to the Judge’s adopted daughter Ella, saying what he’d do to her.


By the time Reed is released he’s determined to find out who killed his mother’s ex-boyfriend (the murder victim/attempted rapist) in order to clear his name. Despite having earned a good education inside Reed struggles to find work and has to help out at his cousin’s garage.


Ella, now a judge herself, received another threatening letter. Assuming it’s from reed she goes to the garage to confront him. Reed has no idea who wrote the letter but, suspecting it’s the real killer, wants to help Ella find the author/true killer.


Reed and Ella embark on a sexual affair as they try to find a killer that is becoming more dangerous and desperate to remain hidden.    


This is a tale of jealousy, love, family and social status. The different characters have multiple surprising interactions and relationships that provide many twists. Wealthy families have secrets that are cleverly revealed as the story works its way towards the big reveal, as the surprising killer is finally announced. Before that Reed must face further allegations as more nasty threats are delivered, including a snake, a burglary, and a shooting.


There are plenty of characters to root for in this pacy and racy thriller.  



About Beverly Barton:

Born Beverly Marie Inman in Alabama, USA in 1946.

At 40 she became a full-time career and wrote over 40 books, receiving numerous awards and nominations.

Beverly died suddenly of heart failure in 2011.

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