Game Over

E V Seymour  writing as   Adam Chase

The second book in the 'Hex' series.


'Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.' Confucius


Hex has returned to his old stamping ground in 'Little London' (Cheltenham) and reinvented himself as a property developer. But going straight is tough. He misses the buzz. He also misses McCallen.

So when McCallen comes to him with a private job, involving a trip to Berlin, Hex can't resist - and just a small step outside the UK risks the certain attention of Mossad.

But an Israeli hit squad is the least of his problems because someone with deadly intent is out not just to get him but those closest to him.

And, whoever it is, has modelled their skills on Hex.

As crime bosses and intelligence officers are picked off one by one, Hex realises that Billy Squeeze's dead hand reaches far and wide beyond the grave.

Then McCallen disappears and Hex is forced to fall back on his old ways. Either he walks into the trap set for him, or McCallen dies.

Our hero is a man named Hex (it’s his criminal soubriquet). A year on from the first book Wicked Game and the only woman to ever fascinate Hex is back. The British MI5 spook, Inger McCallen, has rocked up unannounced, and wants his assistance.  Hex spent fifteen years as an assassin before quitting. But, like an addict, he's finding the lure of his past life to have a dangerous appeal.


McCallen fears that her life is in danger. German artist Lars Pallenberg had similar fears, and now he’s dead. Pallenberg had been coerced into infiltrating a political neo-Nazi group at McCallen’s behest. Hex travels to Berin where a trail takes him to a busy right-wing rally. The person stood next to him is shot, but was the bullet meant for Hex? His life as an assassin created many enemies, not least the Mossad - Hex entered Berlin in disguise in order to avoid the Isralis.


There are many other questions - why was Lars killed? What exactly was his relationship with McCallen? – when more questions arise as McCallen goes missing.  


Then Hex meets a femme fatale in a bar. She’s sexy and mysterious, and, like many of the large cast of characters, not what she seems. Hex has a history with dangerous gang lords - a history that he can’t outrun. Without planning it, he’s been drawn back into his old world, and the body count is racking up. There’s also been an attempt at one criminal’s life that bears the hallmarks of a Hex hit. And this isn't the first time someone has mimicked his murderous techniques of old.


With McCallen still missing and Hex's own life under serious threat the pressure is mounting. He’s asked to take out a drug dealer, but this isn’t a clear killing. Hex knows the target and is not convinced he’s been told the truth. There’s betrayal all around as Hex looks for answers on the streets of Cheltenham and London.


Powerful criminals, dangerous Germans, elitist sex parties, family secrets, past employers, government intervention, and violence, all feature in a cleverly interwoven plot that races along in the form of short, exciting chapters. Oh, and it’s unpredictable, you won’t spot the big reveal.


About Adam Chase:

Adam Chase is a pseudonym of E V Seymour. She works as an editorial consultant, is married with five children and lives in Cheltenham. The author is currently writing the third book in the Hex series for Cutting Edge Press.