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Sheryl Browne

Sheryl Browne writes psychological thrillers and edgy, sexy, modern fiction. Shortlisted for the Innovation in Fiction Award, Sheryl, who has her Masters Degree in Creative writing, has seven books published with Safkhet Publishing. She also has two short stories published in Birmingham City University Anthologies and a further short written to script, was performed live at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Sheryl was recently signed by Choc Lit Publishing, who acquired a contemporary novel on recommendation of the WH Smith Travel fiction buyer. A contributing editor at Loveahappyending Lifestyle magazine, Sheryl lives in Worcestershire in the UK with her son, partner and an assortment of disabled dogs. According to readers of The Edge of Sanity, she apparently also makes a great psychopath. 


How far would YOU go to protect your family?

A decent, ordinary man, a man who has already suffered the loss of one child, Daniel Conner is forced by extraordinary circumstances into being a hero. Tortured, forcibly drugged—heroin still pulsating nauseatingly through his veins—his wife and daughter degraded, Daniel knows their kidnapper is beyond reasoning with.

But does being pushed one step beyond endurance justify doing the unthinkable?

High on drugs, indebted to his supplier, and desperate, Charlie Roberts takes Daniel's wife and daughter hostage. Daniel does everything within his power to rescue the situation bloodlessly. Eventually though, Daniel realises that with or without violent mood swings induced by amphetamines and cocaine, Charlie Roberts is a psychopath. He wants more than Daniel's money.

He wants him.

The Edge of Sanity: a harrowing story of hope amid loss and betrayal.


"The strengths are in the beautifully drawn characters of the Conner family. There was a touch of Don’t Look Now as little Emma’s death is the shadow that just won’t go away.” 

David Prestidge, Crime Fiction Lover




Death Sentence - He's killed your child and kidnapped your wife. What would YOU do?


Detective Inspector Matthew Adams and Patrick Sullivan, drug dealer, pimp, murderer: two men on opposite sides of the law. A history that goes way back. A bully even in his youth, Sullivan had made it his mission in life to make the goody-two-shoes copper's life a misery. Now Matthew has made it his mission in life to make sure the pimping scum responsible for prostituting young girls, abusing them, and beating them to death, is locked up for life.


When Matthew's child becomes a casualty of the war between them, does Matthew want justice? Or does he want retribution? When Patrick's brother is shot down like a dog in a drug bust gone wrong, Patrick wants payback. He wants Matthew. Or the copper loses his pretty, pregnant wife. As far as Patrick is concerned, it's quid pro quo.


Death Sentence: an edge-of-your seat story of revenge.


“This was such an excellent read. I found myself having to force myself to breathe because I didn’t know where Sheryl Brown’s plot was going to lead me next. I find myself in awe of this writer, her story telling is so plausible, the people she’s writing about so real and the pressure on the reader to finally reach the end of the book, unyielding!”

Best Selling Thrillers



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