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Pop Goes The Weasel

M J Arlidge

A man's body is found in an empty house. His heart has been cut out and delivered to his wife and children.


He is the first victim, and Detective Inspector Helen Grace knows he will not be the last. But why would a happily married man be this far from home in the dead of night?


The media call it Jack the Ripper in reverse: a serial killer preying on family men who lead hidden double lives.


Helen can sense the fury behind the murders. But what she cannot possibly predict is how volatile this killer is - or what is waiting for her at the end of the chase...

The follow up to Eeny Meeby sees Southampton's DI Helen Grace return, two years later.


A man wakes up naked, bound to a bed and at the mercy of a serial killer, a prostitute, intent on killing him in a gruesome manner, ripping out his heart and leaving him in the abandoned house.


Clients are being slaughtered in Southampton's seedy red light districts. As the killings continue Grace must deal with hostile relationships including her returning DC, a new Superintendent and a pesky, dogged journalist amid escalating media interest. 


Grace is a tough cop, a troubled, complex character with unusal interests and a dark past. But this isn't just her novel as many other characters, including the victim's families, are visited. 


Fast paced and gory. The bodies rack up in this 'heart ripping' story that'll get readers hearts beating. 


Best to read Eeny Meeny first though. 


About M J Arlidge:

M. J. Arlidge has worked in television for the last fifteen years. In the last five years he has produced a number of prime-time crime serials for ITV, including Torn, The Little House and Undeniable, broadcast in spring 2014. Currently writing for Silent Witness, Arlidge is also piloting original crime series for both UK and US networks. His debut thriller Eeny Meeny, which introduces Detective Inspector Helen Grace, has sold to publishers around the world.




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