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Joining the Crime Thriller Author Directory

Option 1.

Cost: Free

Simply email the Hound will the author's name and brief credentials. If he's satisfied that the named author is indeed a crime/thriller writer then he'll add the name to the list. There is no charge for this as you are helping the Hound to update his directory. Your email address will not be shared.






Option 2.

Cost (admin fee): £10 GBP or $15 USD

Have the author's name, brief biog (>120 characters), author image and active links (website, youtube and social media) featured in the directory for a minimum period of 12 months. They will appear in an Author Listing Box as featured in the example below.  









On receiving your payment the Hound will email you and request the information which he will then upload. 

The Hound reserves the right to decline a listing. If this refusal occurs after your payment has been accepted then you will be given a full refund. 


BRIEF BIOG HERE. Colours may vary. No more than 120 characters.

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£10 (GBP)

$15 (USD)

Option 3.

Cost (admin fee): £20 GBP or $30 USD

In addition to having a feature box listing (as shown in Option 2: with the name, brief biog (>120 characters), author image and active links) the writer will also have an author page*. Both the listing and author page will be for a minimum period of 12 months.


*Your Author Page

This will be accessed via a link in the author's listing feature box. By clicking the Hound icon readers can find out much more about the writer and their books. Think of it as a mini website that you (and others) can link to; with a full biography, blurbs and links (including links to purchase the books to external sources such as Amazon or the author's website).


An Example Author Page can be found HERE.


All of the details/information for the individual page will be provided by you (via email) and be formatted/uploaded by the Hound. No sexually graphic content will be considered nor any language that might incite racial, religious, political or any other form of hostility.







£20 (GBP)

$30 (USD)

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