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My Favourite Crime Writers / Books

Guest Post by Angela Marsons,

author of 



My Favourite Crime Writers/Books


There are so many crime writers and books/series that I love but I’ve focussed on my five top authors and series and the reasons why I have enjoyed these works or fallen in love with the main characters.


Val McDermid/Tony Hill Series

I have devoured every one of these books and have even read some of them twice.  Tony Hill has to be my favourite fictional main character.  In him the author has created a mysterious and compelling protagonist that makes for addictive reading.  His knowledge of psychology and behaviour adds an intensity to crime stories that are so cleverly filled with twists and turns that I find it the perfect mixture.  I love that his character is a bit ‘off’ and not quite normal.  The author’s portrayal of his idiosyncrasies leaves me wanting more and more after each book.  If I could follow one character around for a day it would have to be Tony Hill.


Carol O’Connell/Kathy Mallory Series

For me this series just goes from strength to strength.  The main character of Kathy Mallory is a brave creation due to her ‘near sociopathic’ personality.  It is a disposition that should not create empathy but as the layers of her past are peeled away the reader has little choice in warming to the cool, distant but spirited personality of the protagonist.  This level of detail included in this series of books is mind-blowing.  The author provides a fact-filled journey that invariably leaves me feeling as though I have learned a great deal.


Karin Slaughter

I first discovered this author through the Grant County series of books featuring Sara Linton which I devoured.  In addition this author began writing the Will Trent series which was equally compelling.  The decision to merge the two series was both risky and brave and ultimately a stroke of genius as the two storylines merged seamlessly together.  There is always a Karin Slaughter book on my beside table.


Caroline Mitchell

This author was responsible for my first foray into the world of paranormal crime.  The series features a female detective named Jennifer Knight who possesses some less than conventional abilities.  For me, this series was a revelation of how to inject a supernatural element into a crime story, successfully and produce a main character that is so full of personality you can’t help falling in love.  As I enjoy both the paranormal and crime genres, this series of books was a perfect marriage for me.


Mel Sherratt

This author managed to pique my interest in the ‘grit-lit’ genre and cemented it with the Allie Shenton trio of books.  I was captivated by the three book series as we watched the main character solve complicated crimes in a dark atmospheric criminal underbelly while dealing with some incredibly intense and emotional family problems.  No spoilers but there was a scene in the final book so well crafted that I could barely read it through my tears.



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