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Michael Connelly

Born in Philadelpia, USA, in 1956, Michael Connelly decided to become a writer after discovering the books of Raymond Chandler while attending the University of Florida. Once he decided on this direction he chose a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing.
After graduating in 1980, Connelly worked at newspapers in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, primarily specializing in the crime beat. A magazine story help to move Connelly into the upper levels of journalism, landing him a job as a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times.
After three years on the crime beat in L.A., Connelly began writing his first novel to feature LAPD Detective Hieronymus Bosch. The novel, The Black Echo, based in part on a true crime that had occurred in Los Angeles, was published in 1992 and won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by the Mystery Writers of America. 
Connelly has won multiple international awards and was the President of the Mystery Writers of America organization in 2003 and 2004.

He lives with his family in Florida.

The Hound's picks


Denver crime-beat reporter Jack McEvoy specializes in violent death. So when his homicide detective brother kills himself, McEvoy copes in the only way he knows how - he decides to write the story. His research leads him to look into a whole series of police suicides and dangerous suspect, a serial killer. The devious murderer is killing cops and leaving a trail of poetic clues in the form of suicide notes drawn from the poems of writer Edgar Allan Poe. It's the news story of a lifetime, if McEvoy can get the story without losing his life.


'A suspense novel by a master of the genre. Once you're 50 pages in, I defy you to put it down'

Stephen King


The vision has haunted him for four years - a young woman lying crumpled in death, her hand outstretched in silent supplication. Harry Bosch was taken off the Angella Benton murder case when the production assistant's death was linked with the violent theft of two million dollars from a movie set. Both files were never closed. Now retired from the L.A.P.D., Bosch is determined to find justice for Angella. Without a badge to open doors and strike fear into the guilty, he's on his own. And even in the face of an opponent more powerful and ruthless than any he's ever encountered, Bosch is not backing down.


'Not only is Michael Connelly's ninth Harry Bosch novel one of his best, but it takes this important series in interesting new directions'

Washington Post

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