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Kit Lyman

Satan's Garden is Kit Lyman's debut novel, which she self-published in March of 2014. 


A 2011 graduate from Cornell University, she has prior experience in screenwriting and script coverage. She previously worked in LA as a production assistant on a daytime talk show and a script reader for a literary management company. Her former work as an SEO and web strategist has given her a competitive edge as a self-publisher, but she still believes in the role traditional publishers play in today's market.


Dani and Keely imagined that life was more magical than others believed. If they had to be summed up, their one plus one would equal three. Together, they became something greater. It was twin sisters against the world. 

But the world had different plans. 

The man followed them to their secret tree house that unusually warm day in September. He only came for one, there and gone in the blink of an eye. 

Satan’s Garden takes you on the six-year journey of two sisters who learn what it means to survive. It’s a story of resiliency, hope, and above all, a bond that cannot be taken away. It teaches us how quickly life can change and yet how much of it we can change ourselves.


"This novel is chock full of suspense and interesting choices that will bring you in and latch you onto the characters. Whether you are a mystery reader or someone who is just dabbling in the genre, this book is going to have something for you."

Readers' Favorite, Five-star Review

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