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by James Swallow


Stranded by a storm in the airside zone of a remote municipal airport, beleaguered businessman Kevin Tyler stumbles upon a bag of money that could be the solution to all his woes. There's just one problem - the money is part of a conspiracy of blackmail and murder, and those involved are willing to do anything to keep it...

Today is the worst day of your life.

The deal you risked it all for has fallen apart at the last minute.

You're stranded at a remote airport as a storm rages outside.

Then you discover an unattended bag. Inside is two million euros in cash.


Kevin Tyler is stranded in an Airport. A failed business venture has left him reeling and now a storm is keeping him grounded in the airside zone of a remote municipal airport. His relationships are strained - a business partner bailing on him and a daughter who is in New York. Then Kevin comes across a bag of money in a cubicle that could solve his woes.


This loot, a huge amount of cash, could also be his biggest nightmare, for it's part of a conspiracy of blackmail and murder, and those involved are willing to do anything to get it back. A bent politician and a nasty crime boss behind the planned drop-off are amongst the ruthless cast whose loyalties are tested. Can Kevin get them to turn on each other, or will they soon realise that it was him that stole the money?

Kevin can run and he can hide but it's hard to disappear in an airport, especially when the bad guys have access to the CCTV footage. His efforts to enlist help only take him so far, and another costly mistake means that there's more than his own life in danger! 

It's cinematic, think Die Hard 2 but with a regular engineer in the lead as opposed to a man used to fighting. The thrills come thick and fast as Kevin's desperation, cunning, survival instinct and, untimately, love, keep him alive, but for how long...


Kevin makes an indentifiable, flawed lead, and it's easy to empathise with his plight. Well, wouldn't you have taken the bag of cash? 

About the Author

James Swallow is a New York Times, Sunday Times and Amazon #1 bestselling author of over fifty novels, and a BAFTA-nominated scriptwriter with over a million books in print worldwide. He is the creator of the acclaimed Marc Dane action thriller series, and has written for franchises such as Star Trek, Tom Clancy, 24, Marvel and several high-profile videogames. He lives and works in London.

Find him online at or on Twitter at @jmswallow.

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