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How to have a crime or thriller book reviewed on this website

There are many review sites and blogs for crime and thriller fiction. Where CrimeThrillerHound differs is that only 5 star reads are featured. We are happy to accept all types of crime and thriller books for consideration but only the best reviews will appear on this website. As a result, the vast majority of books submitted for review won’t be featured. Some of these may be really good but 4 stars won’t make it here.  


Given the large number of requests for reviews I am not currently accepting ebooks. If you are a publisher, author, agent or promoter and would like to submit a hard copy/paperback for consideration please email The Hound. Note; the postal address for reviews is a UK one.


Please check that the author of the submitted book is listed in the Hound’s Directory of Crime and Thriller Writers. If not, let us know. We are prepared to list self (or assisted) published authors and review their work but the author must first meet the criteria for inclusion in the directory.


In addition to this website The Hound's reviews may also appear on Goodreads. Some of the books that just miss the 5 star rating are also reviewed there with a 4 star review.  


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