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Dorothy L Sayers

Dorothy Leigh Sayers was born in Oxford, United Kingdom in 1893 (Died 1957).


She was a translator, a student of classical and modern languages, a Christian humanist, a playwright and a mystery author.

Her series of novels and short stories set between World War I and World War II  feature the English aristocrat and amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey. 

Suggested Reads

The Nine Tailors

Published in 1934. After the death of an unknown man, the famous Lord Peter Whimsey is called to investigate. Steeped in the atmosphere of a quiet parish this is a tale of suspense, character, and mood by one of the great masters of the mystery novel.


'I admire her novels ... she has great fertility of invention, ingenuity and a wonderful eye for detail.'

Ruth Rendell

Murder Must Advertise

The iron staircase at the advertising agency Pym’s Publicity is a deathtrap that Victor Dean tumbles down it, cracking his skull along the way. Lord Peter Wimsey, acting as Dean’s replacement, suspects foul play and searches for the man who pushed him. But how does one uncover a murderer in a business where it pays to have no soul?

Published in 1933.


'Her books are English Literature at its best. Her plots are finely tuned and her Lord Peter Wimsey is delightful.'

The Times

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