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by Dan Fletcher


David Nbeke returns as a Captain in the General Service Unit (GSU), the paramilitary wing of the Kenyan Police. Terrorist activity is on the rise and the newly formed Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) hide in the deserts of neighbouring Somalia.


Enter Agent Clarissa May, whose international investigation has uncovered evidence of a plot to blow up the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salam. Using a handful of trusted officers, and with Commander Tanui’s help, David and Clarissa team up to search for the terrorists in a frantic race to prevent the bombings.


Since Caitlyn’s death, at the hands of Maliki, David hasn’t allowed anyone to get close to him, but against his better judgement he becomes emotionally involved. A professional lapse that may cost him dearly!



I like David Nbeke. He’s a nice guy, and moral to his core, a rarity in a place where only the immoral seem to prosper and the law abiders are all dirt poor. This is a corrupt country where the rich (and exploitative) companies and bad men call the shots.


Based in Nairobi, Nbeke is a Captain in the GSU, a wing of the Kenyan Police. He is beset by personal trouble, shared with his seven year old sister Kiira, all at the hands of a dangerous man who hasn’t yet finished with them.


Career wise things aren’t going much better. The new commissioner might turn out as corrupt as the last one, and now there’s a plot to blow up Embassies that has Nbeke working with Agent Clarissa May. She’s in Africa with a US contingency, tracking a terrorist that has their paths crossing. The leader of a cell is brainwashing youngsters, placing them in a safe house, ready to go. The two lads must face up to their calling as suicide bombers, a future they aren’t relishing. Their safe house, or bungalow, is watched over by a man who can be both charismatic and brutal.


As May and Nbeke become closer, the terrorists get closer to their target. Will time be on their side?


DIVIDED THEY FALL is an explosive, action-fuelled story that has Nbeke fighting terror that’s both political and personal as the plot weaves its spell. Like many a good thriller, it could make a great movie.


This, the second book in the series, is left open for a third. Time to catch your breath.




About the author

Dan Fletcher was brought up in Africa and has lived in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria, as well as Canada, Spain, and the UK.

Author of DAWN OF DECEPTION, DIVIDED THEY FALL, and THE STASH, his love for thrillers started at an early age due to the lack of any TV. Dan currently lives in Wiltshire with his wife and their 6 children.

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